Emma van der Put ©

  1. Level Five Blue Screen

    Blue Screen is a monthly screening program focussing on film and video works by visual artists. The program is initiated by Emma van der Put and Chloé Malcotti and takes place at the collective artist studios Level Five, in Brussels.

    With every Blue Screen program we want to dive deeper into the practice of a specific visual artist working with video or film. In conversation with the invited artist, Chloé Malcotti and Emma van der Put react on the work with a selection of short films by other filmmakers. The invited artist then proposes a next guest for the following program. In this way, the selection of the artists in focus derives from a dialogue with the previous guests and is thereby aspiring to create new encounters within different art scenes.

    Blue Screen is produced by Level Five and hypernuit with the help of the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF).

    Blue Screen #1 Graham Kelly
    Blue Screen #2 Toon Fibbe
    Blue Screen #3 Anouchka Oler
    Blue Screen #4 Katja Mater
    Blue Screen #5 Fairuz Ghammam

    Website: www.levelfive.brussels/en/commons/blue-screen