Emma van der Put ©

  1. Enter #11: Emma van der Put – Mall of Europe
    Solo exhibition at Mu.ZEE, Ostend, BE

    Expo ‘58 was staged at the Heysel in Brussels. Back then, the many technological marvels shown at the World Exhibition filled visitors with longing for a hopeful future. It was a showcase for utopian ideas around lifestyle and housing. With the proposal for the construction of the Mall of Europe’ shopping centre, a contemporary modernisation project for the Heysel is once again attempting to give concrete form to these ideal images. The similarly titled exhibition by Emma van der Put slowly sketches out the contours of timeless liberal consumerism. However, the succession of rundown futuristic buildings with promotional material for yet another new dream scenario recuperates the ideal of progress and bursts the bubble of linear thinking.

    With the generous support of the Dutch Embassy in Belgium and the Mondriaan Fund

    (photos: Emma van der Put © 2020)

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